Consulting de procesos

Consulting to optimize the comminution and flotation process of minerals, with the aim of generating recommendations, such as analyzing possible scenarios in the event of a change in the size of grinding media, which could structurally harm the mill or affect the granulometry for the following concentration phases


Attached is a summary sheet that Nexa will use for its exhibition as a success story in Perumin.

Operations in Peru

In Q3 of 2022, a pilot with Nexa begins with the objective of monitoring the METSO 1 ball mill, corresponding to the Cerro Lindo site. The objective is to be able to obtain wear data on the grinding media, load behavior and verify the operation and integrity of the mill in real time. The pilot has been a success, we have relevant data for the operation since October 2022.

This pilot obtained the support of the National Technological Development and Innovation Program ProInnóvate of the Ministry of Economy of Peru and will be extended to the consortium made up of the mining companies Buenaventura and Hochshild. The project agreement has the code: 391.INNOVATEPERU.CPCC1.2019

The services used are a variant of the MillGuard Pro base system. The system will be applied in regular operation from Q1 2024