Smart Service


Smart Service

It is a system that allows data to be captured from Sag and ball mills through external and internal sensors, the external ones that are installed in three parts of the mill, the central one, the loading and unloading section, as well as sensors installed in balls. instrumental, which allows us to have a 360 view of the phenomena that occur during the operation of the mill. All this makes it possible to obtain in real time what happens with the load. The system captures and displays, through a web interface (Akiles), the different kpi that are displayed in graphs such as those presented.

The system created consists of several sections, which have been patented in the course of said project,

The created system consists of several sections, which have been patented, among which we can mention:

  • Electronic System
  • Intelligent electronic programming IT system
  • Instrumental grinding media sealing system
  • Communication system
  • BigData IT System
  • Administration and visualization platform..
  • Integration to DCS system and Pi System.
  • Modeling through advanced mathematics and physical behavior.

Using phenomenological models

and power, in conjunction with artificial intelligence systems, it is possible to display Kpis that are obtained in real time, such as:

Impacts on coatings: Determine the level of wear of the coating and consequently, the transfer of rotational energy to potential energy to lift the mineral particles.

Ball steel wear ratio: Having an indicator of the expected wear level of the balls allows projecting the future demand for grinding balls, reducing the costs associated with said input.

Calculation of foot and shoulder load: Prediction of grinding level and whether it is by attrition or impact

Filling volume: Allows you to control performance, energy consumption and grind size

Load behavior: Allows you to visualize and simulate its trajectory in operation

Mill health: Allows you to know the status of the liner and lifter fastening bolts, nuts, Shell, Crown, Motor/Pinion